Business Transformation

There are two main ways to bring about change in an organisation; Sumo or Judo.  ​

-   Judo is the art of using opponent momentum.

- Sumo is the art of arresting and reversing that    momentum."

​Sumo is to be avoided unless you seriously outweigh and can out muscle your opponent and even then it can have lasting negative effects.

"Do not try to bend the spoon - that is impossible. Simply seek to realize the truth - there is no spoon - or something like that from the Matrix movies. Data driven, methodical analysis as a basis for liberating creative innovation in your business problem solving and knowhow management practice.  

Our service is an internal, external partnership...because sometimes the external voice is louder than the internal one - and neither on its own makes a chorus.

“Value is always created when you experience passion and performance. Business Excellence Architects was engaged by Fonterra to design and implement the Information Services Quality System and define the “way we do things around here” across a number of other functions. Not only did they contribute simple but effective tools and templates but also enthusiastic leadership in the pursuit of excellence”.

Marcel van den Assum, CIO Fonterra. (I.T.)

"BEA Knowhow Managers became involved in leading a number of improvement projects across the group which contributed to real savings of millions of dollars. Grant’s continual improvement processes are very powerful and will significantly impact the value of any organization that has the passion and determination to make a transformational shift."

Peter Reidy CEO EDI Downer Works NZ

Excerpts from Flash Pages in Ordinary to Excellent

"Complexity is just layers of simplicity."

"You can't improve the way you work until you can agree how you work currently."

"It is actually easier to improve all of it than it is to improve some of it."

"An operations manager might be keenly interested in the steps, but an information technology manager will be keenly interested in what passes between the steps."

"If you think becoming excellent is difficult try doing what you are doing now."

"People must be confident that they will not be a casualty of the improvement process if they are to participate fully in it."

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