Problem Solving Techniques

These products are the fruit of more than 25 years of bringing about business transformation and improving the way organizations work, business problem solving and knowhow management..

Truth: It is hard to improve something or solve a problem with it if you do not know how it works now.

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Knowhow (know how) Management Software


Making organisational ‘knowhow’ available to an entire workforce, suppliers, customers and stakeholders is a major challenge for every organisation. Knowhow Manager®  is a breakthrough in ‘knowhow management’, facilitating collaboration and improvement in the way the organisation works.

  • Knowhow Manager® uses a unique accelerated learning documentation template to present steps, in sequence, to accomplish any task.

  • The intuitive authoring /editing interface guides content owners to identify an outcome, a starting point and a milestone path to achieving that outcome through applied and shared best practice, tools and templates.

  • Any application, document or communication required to perform the task and deliver the outcome, can be launched,  from this revolutionary SaaS cloud-based software running on AWS services and on all devices from a single point of truth.

Knowhow Manager ®   is an expert system managing collaboration, improvement and publication of your know-how - without the need for intranet, website development or IT professional publishing support.

business problem solving| knowhow management| know how
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Business Problem Solving Techniques
It's a methodology, a discipline and a suite of simple expansion and contraction tools that has been cited in numerous Baldrige Award Winning feedback reports and now it's shortly to be available as an android app. The five stage TurboSigma® methodology contains a suite of tools that when used in order will naturally and organically lead a team to root cause analyse and solve almost any problem.You will never approach problems the same way again!

World class organizations have a business problem solving process by which all other processes can be improved. It is an ethic, a discipline and a way of life for these organizations to continuously seek improvements in all elements of their business. 


"The process mapping and continuous improvement tools are world class"

John Ashby General Manager Gilmours (FMCG)

"TurboSigma® is a much smaller tool to do a much larger job" 

Fonterra  independent review

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