Business Excellence Architects limited is both a 'continuous' and a 'breakthrough' improvement consultancy.

We solve business problems by:

  • capturing the way things work using end to end "process wiring diagrams" and "knowhow management" principles and best practice;

  • identifying value and non-value adding process steps;

  • improving the steps that matter most;

  • removing the steps that matter least; and

  • redesigning process, procedure and knowledge delivery to produce the optimum outcome.

  • We also provide outsource product management


We can help organisations identify, improve and evolve their business, data, application and technology architecture through improving the processes, systems and technology that enable core value delivery and power the business model.


"Everyone operates from some sort of framework of values and beliefs.  What looks like chaos from outside can make perfect sense from inside that framework" - G Ford

First seek to understand the problem or opportunity using tried and true problem definition and problem solving techniques that take the risk out of the decison making process and help you create good governance best practice when it come to critical thinking in challenging situations.


Every best practice is waiting for someone to innovate and consign it to history -G Ford

The barriers to change are many and varied but not immune to insightful business problem-solving methodology. It is often just as simple as having recorded what you do now in a way that others can collaborate with each other to design what happens next. (Breakthrough product  now released - Knowhow Manager®)

If you think becoming excellent is difficult, try doing what you are doing now! - G Ford


It's different but is it better? - G Ford

Knowhow is the most important subset of all organisational knowledge and through its systematic capture, dissemination and continuous improvement operational risk is mitigated and business sustainability and continuity is fostered. See Harvard Review ​Knowhow Manager's  knowhow management thought leadership and IPPreserver® solution removes key personnel risk, accelerates induction and supports high performance.

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