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2024 Client Testimonial: BEA brought to us a powerful methodology for attacking complex problems. This moved us from reacting to individual problems to assimilating many problems quickly and identifying common threads and causality. It allowed us to differentiate between the symptomatic and the systemic. Our improvement efforts on behalf of the industry have consequently turned much more toward addressing the root causes of systemic problems and to innovation that will have ripple effects right across our industry. This thinking and methodology now pervades all our transformation work and has already led BRANZ into new areas. It has given us the courage and the confidence to pioneer industry good digital solutions that would have proved very difficult to have tackled by any other means. The digital QA inspection solution we have developed through this process is still in its implementation infancy but is in use in major building company franchises and with the country’s largest Building Consent Authorities. It (Artisan) has demonstrated that 100% productivity gains are possible for building inspectors. It has massively reduced inspection wait times and has provided significant efficiencies for builders and in some cases raised the standards of their builds. It has reduced inspector road travel by tens of thousands of kilometers with the corresponding carbon footprint reduction. The effort has enhanced our reputation and contributed to our Brand - CEO BRANZ

We have been privileged to serve some truly excellent organisations.

BRANZ - Artisan

BRANZ - Building Industry Transformation. Technology and Process Breakthrough Innovation

Certus Solutions

Knowhow Maturity Modelling and Knowhow Manager Implementation


Company Wide Process Mapping and Knowhow Maturity Identification

The Learning Wave

Post Covid reimagining - process mapping and new business modeling

Alberta Electric System Operator

Transformation Project - Energy Management System Implementation Support - Knowhow Management Implementation - Strategic Plan Development - Continuous Improvement Process Implementation

Kerridge and Partners

Multi New Zealand Business Excellence Award Winner - guided by BEA processes and practice, cited for their BMS -Business Management System (Knowhow Manager®) and Continuous Improvement using TurboSigma®


Transformation Project with Knowhow Management Implementation


"Once you have captured your business knowledge in Knowhow Manager® business improvement becomes a habit because Knowhow Manager® becomes a knowledge base that your people use all the time. They use it because it is easy and accessible. They improve it because they use it." -Chelydra Percy Chief Executive Officer ESITO


Transformation Project & Knowhow Management Implementation

TransPower NZ

Asset Works Management Process Improvement - Business Excellence Architects also quickly (in days, not weeks) developed a comprehensive wiring diagram showing all activities, accountabilities, inputs and outcomes around maintenance switching and related activities. This was able to be used immediately to get on top of the negative trend. - Greg Borichevsky – Asset Strategies Manager TRANSPOWER


“Value is always created when you experience passion and performance. Business Excellence Architects was engaged by Fonterra to design and implement the Information Services Quality System and define the “way we do things around here” across a number of other functions. Not only did they contribute simple but effective tools and templates but also enthusiastic leadership in the pursuit of excellence”. -Marcel van den Assum, CIO, Fonterra.

Works - Downer NZ

BEA led a number of improvement projects across the group which contributed to real savings of millions of dollars. Grant's continual improvement processes are very powerful and will significantly impact the value of any organization that has the passion and determination to make a transformational shift. Peter Reidy CEO EDI Downer Works NZ

Downer Australia

Transformation Project

Gilmours NZ

"The process mapping and continuous improvement tools are world class" -John Ashby General Manager Gilmours (FMCG)

Alstom NZ

Transformation Project and Knowhow Management Implementation


Our North American sister organisation where we have provided process improvement, knowhow management and direct project management input as they have worked with some of the largest companies in Canada

Metso Minerals

Continuous Improvement Process Implementation and Baldrige Award Assitance

Livestock Improvement

Transformation Project - Baldrige Award support

Horner and Partners

Business Excellence Transformation - supporting Baldrige Award

Areva NZ

Transformation Project and Knowhow Management Implementation

Auckland Regional Council

Transformation Project and Baldrige Award Assistance

Hamilton City Council

Continuous Improvement Process Implementation and Organization wide training initiative

World Business Capability Congress Accolade
Some More Accolades
International Quality Summit Gold Award
Scion Transformation Team Thank you Hero Award
New Zealand Export Award

NZ Export Award -

excellence in E-commerce

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