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Business Problem Solving and Transformation Projects

Since 2011 we have been involved with breakthrough step-change projects that are highly commercially or politically sensitive. This means that we do not get to update this page on our activity often. We can finally talk about one of our big three long term industry transformation projects and this is what the stakeholders had to say about the problem we identified, root cause analysed and solved with breakthrough technology. We are honoured to have conceived, designed, delivered and outsource Product Managed Artisan for BRANZ

- see Technology Partner Forge's 2020 Case Study:


Alberta Electric System Operator           

Kerridge and Partners

Team members have commented they, “could not now imagine working anywhere without it – anything else would seem so ‘average’!”


During 2006, K&P was the first executive search/ leadership consultancy organisation in the world to be recognised with a Baldrige Criteria based Business Excellence Award.  K&P were recognised for this again during 2007 with an unprecedented second award. In both successes ‘ process strength’ was cited as a key contributor to K&P performance in this very ‘people business’ and the Business Management System  (Knowhow Manager® 'The BMS"), was cited in both of those award-winning feedback reports as a major contributor to that process strength and to K&P’s outstanding performance.

Any technology solution needed to provide for:
1) A specific kind of collaboration: collaboration on continuous improvement;
2) A specific kind of content management: just the critical process steps and the critical knowledge that allowed those critical process steps to be performed by anyone to the highest level and;
3) A specific kind of document management: instant access to any tool or document that facilitated the next step in the process.


Productivity Increase – less time wasted waiting for things to happen because now anyone can follow a standard procedure or look up “how to” for themselves and get on with the delivery.

1) Productivity per consultant is 250% of what it was and the corresponding increased revenue per consultant has provided the funding for increased capacity and new service offering development from a continuously improving bottom line.

2) The cycle time for inducting and training new researchers has reduced from 12 weeks to less than 4 weeks, with better on the job support to ensure higher performance, quicker.

Employee Engagement - contributing to the BMS is not seen as a “chore and a bore” but rather as a vehicle for contributing to the success of K&P. RESULT: The interface is used by everyone in the business who utilise it's “my BMS” ‘favourites’ area to create individual and role-specific favourite ‘one-click’ links to the processes they use most often. Partners, directors and employees alike update policy, process and procedures with improvements regularly and spontaneously. Update also occurs formally upon completion of  TurboSigma® process improvement exercises.

"In fact when the consultants’ PA and the Administration Manager both left the organisation in the same week; during a period when revenues were up 70% on the same time in the previous year, two ‘temps’ were brought in. Within hours of their arrival, they were performing the full functions of the vacant roles causing the consultants to reflect that they hadn’t noticed that the other two staff members, previously viewed as critical personnel, had left in terms of performance and delivery. "

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