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Knowhow Maturity Assessment

KnowHow Maturity Areas

Knowhow management animates and suffuses all elements of high performance


"What you know is important but what you 'know how to do' creates the value." -GF

It is possible to assess the maturity level of an organisation's know-how utilisation and there are very material rewards for moving up the maturity levels and very direct impact on productivity, engagement, customer satisfaction and bottom-line performance.



The Knowhow Maturity Model is characterised as a barometer because it is fundamentally a pressure gauge for the tensions that build in an organisation when knowhow is not being optimally managed." - GF

Knowhow Diagnostic Radar Chart

Integration - when integration maturity is high, people and systems work well together. Performance is higher and tensions are lower.

Visibility - when visibility to the knowhow you need and how and why things work the way they do is higher,  tensions are lower and engagement and performance is higher.

Balanced Metrics - when we measure the things that actually matter and we can see and affect change in those measures with predictable consequences, tensions are lower and performance is higher

Viewpoint Diversity - when multiple perspectives are acknowledged, heard and integrated into the way we look at things and deliver outcomes, tensions are lower and innovation and performance are higher.


ReAct - (Recognise and Act) when we recognize issues, problems and opportunities quickly and respond in an evaluative, systematic and comprehensive way, tensions are lower and performance, engagement and satisfaction are all higher.

Process Success - when your processes and practices are designed to bring about the best outcome and you perform them as designed, tensions are lower and performance is higher. This also ensures optimised cost efficiency, profitability and sustainability.

REvolution - (Rapid Evolution) when we analyze issues,  problems and current practice and performance with a view to continuously striving to do better and continuously improve the way we work - tension is in balance but productivity, engagement and performance test new highs.

Access Equity - when we can get the knowledge and know-how help we need to do our jobs and understand our colleague's needs, roles and drivers, tensions are lower and performance,  engagement and satisfaction are all higher.

Achievement - when we know that we have done well, it is reflected in our metrics, our feedback and our performance and we can see our contribution, tensions are creative, engagement and reward responses are high and performance, success outcomes and loyalty are at their highest.

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