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Knowhow Management - it's not what you know but what you know how to do!


Regardless of the size of your organization there is a problem all organizations share:

  • The knowledge of how things work resides largely in the heads and experience of the people who designed or have been doing the work.

  • When they leave, the organization loses 'know-how' that may not be regained easily.

  • Even if key personnel are temporarily absent, no one else knows what they know, or how to find out what they need to know, to get the job done.

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Our technical writers create a manual of your business on our knowhow management platform - preserving and sharing your unique IP and Knowhow

Knowhow Management: "Frankly, we cannot see how we would ever be as good without it" Peter Kerrridge, CEO Kerridge & Partners (NZ Baldrige Award winner)

A logical document hierarchy

Document Heirarchy

"The average Intel employee dumps one day a week trying to find people with the experience and expertise plus the relevant information to do their job.....Let me just say that it is motivating us to take action." Laurie Buczek - Enterprise Social media Program Manager, Intel

The real cost of the unavailability or loss of key and core knowledge is decreased product and service quality and loss of reputation. Financially: If this is not rectified quickly, it leads rapidly to brand damage, reduced market share and shareholder value and in many cases, the financial instruments of the business can not support a reduced share value.

When key knowledge is perceived by the market to reside in one or two key individuals, those individuals can never leave without potentially destroying their legacy.

Why we need Knowhow Management and Knowhow Manager®

"It is a widely held view that one of the key attributes of a great leader is their ability to communicate simply, consistently and with clarity. This maxim should equally be applied to the policies and procedures that enable a business to operate. They should be communicated simply and with clarity to enable them to be applied consistently. This is the secret of Know-how management's success. Knowhow Manager® enables the people within our business to document what they do (procedures) and how they do it (know-how) in a simple easy to use format. They use it because it is easy and accessible. They improve it because they use it. From an IT perspective, Knowhow Manager® s a breeze to implement and train users on. And the great thing is that once implemented it truly is a business system NOT an IT system. If your goal is to deliver the best possible outcomes for your customers, Knowhow Manager® is the foundation for achieving your goal." - Chelydra Percy CEO

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Knowhow Manager® was formerly known as IPPreserver®

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