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Business Problem Solving Technique

Problem Solving is a series of expansions and contractions:


Expansion/Contraction 1:

We need to know everything that needs improving and select the one or ones that need to be done first.


Expansion/Contraction 2:

We then need to know all of the factors that are contributing to our selected opportunity/problem and decide which are the vital few and which are the trivial many.


Expansion/Contraction 3:

We need to delay the implementation of pet solutions to come up with many possible solutions and  choose the best one or combination of ones.


​Expansion/Contraction 4:

We need to pilot our selected solution in the real world and assess whether  it can be rolled out or how it needs to be modified for roll out across the whole organization.


Expansion/Contraction 5:

We need to use the indicators we developed throughout the improvement process to assess how well the new process is working and identify further areas for improvement.

Turbo Sigma 5 stage Improvement Diagram

Turbo Sigma is a six sigma methodology - "It is a much smaller tool to do a much larger job" - Independant Reviewer.

Business Problem Solving - Problem Definition - Facilitated Solutioning

TurboSigma® is a continuous business problem solving process improvement methodology in five stages. It includes  a method to fast track the definition and documentation of "as-is" and "to-be/end-state" processes by means of  "Wiring Diagrams".  In short a Wiring diagram is a flow diagram of all tasks performed by systems and people and all knowledge that flows between each step to enable this to happen. 

Transpower will continue to use BEA Knowhow Manager's business problem-solving techniques to identify and improve other areas of its business in the future. "TurboSigma showed us how to use the information at hand and our own people's knowledge and knowhow to identify priority problem areas and get quickly to developing a solution with good results".​  Greg Borichevshy Asset Strategy Manager Transpower NZ Limited

"BEA Knowhow Managers have provided strategic and process advice that has been enormously useful in our journey of discovery and business transformation. The process mapping skills and continuous improvement tools are world-class and the critical thinking capability has greatly helped us to understand and change our whole business paradigm. I would happily recommend them to anyone who is engaged in serious large scale change management"​

John Ashby, General Manager Gilmours (FMCG)

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