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 Business Excellence Architects Ltd

Knowhow Managers is a trading name of Business Excellence Architects Ltd.

BEA has a system development sister organisation Knowhow Solutions Ltd

Founder Grant D Ford
Grant Ford

Business Architect

Business Transformation Practice Lead

and Managing Director

Grant is the founder and chief of Business Excellence Architects and a Business Architect with more than 30 years at the leading edge of business transformation.

During this time he has pioneered early learning solutions, won a New Zealand Export Award in e-commerce, led multiple client companies to Gold, Silver and Bronze Baldrige Criteria business excellence awards and produced $100s Mil in process efficiency savings and business optimisation.

He is a thought leader in digital process enhancement and transformation, the author of business improvement books including; "Ordinary to Excellent", "Continuous Strategic Planning" and "TurboSigma".(Quick six-sigma results) and a million-selling author in accelerated learning for early literacy and numeracy.

  • He has served as independent chair and director for NGO and multimillion-dollar companies including chairing the multi-Baldrige award-winning; Kerridge & Partners

  • He has won academic awards at tertiary level.

  • Been a keynote speaker and guest lecturer in Business Excellence, business problem solving and know-how management to MBA classes.

  • He has designed and coded multimedia, designed and developed tools, apps and enterprise software.

  • Has product directed and managed from creation the Knowhow Manager SaaS solution and the Artisan innovation for the building industry

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