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Continuous Change Management and  Digital Transformation

Our service is an internal, external partnership...because sometimes the external voice is louder than the internal one - and neither on its own makes a choir.
  • We rapidly establish and map your core processes

  • Help you decide what adds value and what doesn't

  • Refine, redesign and digitally enhance the way you work

  • Document your best practice in our best practice templates and platform

  • Design your technology stacks to achieve your process, application data and platform goals.

  • Our ecosystem/ documentation platform sets you and your value chain up for continuous improvement and best practice support 24x7 -

Continuous and Step Change Improvement Cycle

“Value is always created when you experience passion and performance. Business Excellence Architects was engaged by Fonterra to design and implement the Information Services Quality System and define the “way we do things around here” across a number of other functions. Not only did they contribute simple but effective tools and templates but also enthusiastic leadership in the pursuit of excellence”. Marcel van den Assum, CIO Fonterra. (I.T.)

"BEA Knowhow Managers became involved in leading a number of improvement projects across the group which contributed to real savings of millions of dollars. BEA’s continual improvement processes are very powerful and will significantly impact the value of any organization that has the passion and determination to make a transformational" shift." Peter Reidy CEO EDI Downer Works NZ

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